Wyckoff Open House Planning Should Include Safety

A Wyckoff open house is a great sales tool when your home is on the market, but it also exposes your property to total strangers. As agents, my colleagues and I are trained to red flag suspicious activities, but during an open house, multiple parties will be coming and going at the same time. Choosing to take proactive steps is good practice for keeping your home safe during your open house in Wyckoff.

For openers, it’s a good idea to let neighbors know about the event. Since you are likely to be gone, let them know who your agent is and the open house schedule. Particularly after it ends, in case you aren’t back immediately, ask if they will keep an eye and ear open for anything out of the ordinary.

Keep pets secured – a dog should never be left on the property during an open house, and cats (especially if they are indoor-only) should be secured in an escape-proof area or kitty crate.

Remove and secure small and breakable items around the house, as well as things prospective buyers might step on, break, or trip over. Remember to ‘child-proof’ by removing items a prospect’s child might be tempted to ingest.

Of course, put away the valuables. The exposure your property will receive during an open house in town is invaluable, but removing temptation (including prescription medications) will make it much more likely that results are 100% positive.

After your return, be sure to double-check the entire property to be ensure the doors, gates, and windows are properly locked. Thieves have been known to use open houses to scout for valuables and points of entry. The valuables were already removed; now, foiling the easy entrance will thwart that possibility.

An open house in Wykcoff is a powerful marketing tool in any agent’s toolbox. We are already safety-conscious — and by taking these few extra steps, you can help ensure the event comes off without a hitch. I’m here to help clients succeed in all departments – call me today if you’d like to discuss a marketing plan for your home this summer!


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