When Franklin Lakes is Your New Home, Think ‘Adventure’!

Some wise guy once defined a “mishap” as an “adventure misconstrued.” That wry observation contains a useful lesson for those who find themselves in the process of moving to a new home. The stress of a move — whether to a new home in Franklin Lakes or anywhere else — is universally regarded as one of the peak stress-producing life passages. If the move to your new home happens to coincide with a change of job, schools, or the like, the experience can indeed be daunting.

So how do you start viewing your impending move as an adventure (rather than a slow motion train wreck)? One way is to let me help! In the same way that every Franklin Lakesl agent will have already assisted you in locating and obtaining your new home, the Franklin Lakes area knowledge that went into that process can be brought to bear to ease the way into your new community.

One of the greatest satisfactions our profession provides is the wide range of contacts we make throughout the area. It’s built into our daily routine, and after years of experience, it’s inevitable that we come to meet and know just about everyone and everything that go into making up the community. More than just the locations and thumbnail reviews of the grocery stores, laundries, dining places, shopping and entertainment centers in Franklin Lakes, we are in place to provide contact information for the full range of non-real estate-related resources that help newcomers settle into their new home.

All that is a treasure trove of information I am pleased to offer, and it goes a long way toward eliminating a lot of unnecessary stress when you’re trying to find out what’s where and who’s who in your new home. It can make the move a lot more “adventure” than “mishap” — and it’s an often-overlooked part of the service I offer my real estate clients.

From finding the perfect new home to the closest coffee shop, I’m standing by to offer the area’s least stress-producing real estate service. Give me a call whenever you’re thinking of buying or selling in Franklin Lakes.

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