Tradeoff Solutions for Owners with Wyckoff Housing for Sale

As a Wykcoff homeowner prepares a property for sale, he or she faces the inevitable series of tradeoffs. One of the major ones is the decision about how much time and budget to devote to interior vs. exterior renewal. In cases where the inside is going to get the lion’s share of attention, it’s good to remember that there are ways you can make simple changes to your backyard that can markedly raise the whole property’s overall appeal. As with all area housing for sale, this can mean the difference between a so-so and a great outcome.

One inexpensive idea for larger yards is to install simple gravel or bark pathways. Local housing for sale boasting gently curved pathways around the edges of the lawn look more interesting than plain yards — especially those with predictably straight-edged planted areas. Landscape architects think in terms of destination areas: even in smaller yards, a bit of imagination can sometimes create interesting ‘destinations’ for the eye!

Many yards have a corner or two that are just plain eyesores. A Western idea that works for any climate is a variation on the architectural rock garden. Choose rocks that blend well with our natural landscape, but which bring out the surrounding colors; then the addition of brighter flowering plants will convert that eyesore into a ‘destination’ — one with pleasantly natural charm.

In all of your backyard landscaping decisions, it’s important to strive for a balanced result in terms of ongoing maintenance requirements. While you want your yard to look attractive, you also want to avoid turning it into a high-maintenance project for the next owner. Housing for sale in town that features spectacularly elaborate lawn designs may well turn off some prospects (particularly those with children or pets). By keeping your landscaping relatively simple, you can establish a yard that looks good without evoking thoughts of overly-challenging upkeep requirements.

Are you about to prepare your home for this season’s spring market? Then why not call me so we can start with a consultation on how to boost your local property’s value using some tried-and-true cost-conscious techniques.

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