Wyckoff Luxury Homes Need Luxury Financing

Any home carrying a price tag of $1 million or more generally falls into the ‘luxury property’ category. To finance it, a luxury loan is called for. Since financing luxury homes in Wyckoff can be more challenging than financing run-of-the-mill properties, many prospective home owners at the luxury level seek the services of a specialist lender. Market Watch has found that the average price of luxury properties in some major US cities is well over the million dollar threshold – making care in preparing jumbo loan applications more important than ever. Whether or not you choose to ask your REALTOR® Read More

$25 Million Luxury Property Sale Turns Heads in Wyckoff

You could have easily missed it here in Wyckoff — an attention-grabbing event that happened just before New Years Day. One of those San Francisco Bay Area luxury properties (priced at $25 million) made headlines when it was reported to have successfully gone under contract through a little-known process…an online auction. Come again? Luxury Homes in Wyckoff In an increasingly digital age that instantaneously reaches buyers and sellers across the globe, online auction tools to sell luxury properties are beginning to gain credibility. But is an auction really a new must-have tool?  Or just another gimmicky fad? The attraction of using an Read More