Palette by One Kings Lane Just Changed the Custom Furniture Game

For years, filling your home with customized furniture has felt like an unattainable dream. First, there’s the cost: Designing your own pieces is a surefire way to drive up the price. Second, custom furniture can take an extremely long to arrive, what with the time needed to design, craft, and ship it. So, most of us go the easier route and just pick out pieces we like from brands we trust. And sure, most of the time you’ll have a few colors or finishes to choose between, but that doesn’t feel truly personal.

Enter Palette by One Kings Lane, a new platform that’s here to shake up the personalized furniture industry.

With Palette, you can choose from 15 different upholstered pieces, from headboards to chairs to a small space-friendly settee, and then get to work making it your own. The best part? Everything is under a thousand dollars and will arrive in three weeks, which is almost unheard of in the custom decor world.


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