How to use Pinterest to Decorate your Wyckoff Home

How to use Pinterest to Decorate your Wyckoff Home

Decorate Your Wyckoff Home

You’ve definitely heard of Pinterest, and maybe you’ve pinned some things to your boards in hopes you’ll try a new recipe or start a project one day. Maybe you are one of those crafty few that constantly finish projects you’ve pinned.

No matter what kind of Pinterest user you may be, Pinterest can be a great way to organize your ideas for your Wyckoff home décor and help motivate you to action. If you use Pinterest effectively, it can be your path to creating the home of your dreams.

Follow these tips to get you started on using Pinterest to decorate your home:

  1. Learn how to organize your boards for YOU. If you are focusing on one area of your home, create a board for that area (i.e. Kitchen Décor). Separate your rooms out by creating multiple boards so your ideas are organized and easy to find. Be realistic and authentic.
  2. Don’t exclusively use Pinterest to find ideas. The whole point of Pinterest is to search the web and pin ideas you find from the Internet. While browsing other users’ pinboards can be a fun way to discover new ideas and get inspiration, many Pinterest users end up wasting a lot of time endlessly scrolling their feed to find ideas. Look for ideas all over the Internet and pin directly from the website to save time.
  3. Use Pinterest’s “Search” feature to find what you’re looking for. If you can’t find something on the Internet to pin to one of your boards, there’s a good chance one of the millions of Pinterest users has found something similar. Use the “Search” feature to see if there are other pins that match what you are looking for. Perhaps the exact pin isn’t what you are looking for, but it may give you some inspiration or lead to another website that could help you.
  4. Prepare yourself for a lot of DIY projects. Pinterest is the Mecca of DIY. A lot of the ideas you find on there will be inexpensive DIY ideas. Prepare to get a little dirty and learn to use paint, tools, and other materials you may have not used regularly.
  5. Narrow down your options on each board. Don’t overwhelm yourself by continuous pinning and little editing. Frequently visit each pinboard and clean it up by removing anything you are not going to do, or anything that is out of your budget, is unrealistic, or doesn’t really match your taste.

Ultimately, Pinterest is only helpful if you plan to put your pins and ideas into action. Don’t make Pinterest a time waster, but rather something that motivates you and makes you more productive and creates the Wyckoff home you want.

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