How to Integrate Vintage Pieces Into Your Home

At Apartment Therapy, we believe your home is your sanctuary and you should fill it with items that bring you joy. For many people, that means adding some vintage pieces to the mix. “Vintage pieces naturally have a story to tell, so they will quickly infuse character and a mystical charm to your space,” says Mikel Welch, a celebrity interior designer. However, it’s important to strike a happy medium between old and new pieces. While vintage furniture and accessories can give your home a cozy, personalized touch, too many old pieces make your home look like a museum or—even worse—outdated. Read More

A Pro's Take on How to Avoid Buying Fake Antiques

It’s finally springtime, and if you’re an antiques lover like me, that means it’s antique market season. What a glorious feeling to be weeding your way through Brimfield Market or Les Puces de Saint-Ouen and coming across an alluring oil painting of someone 300 years older than you, or pair of Marcel Breuer Wassily Chairs that are just worn-in enough? It’s love at first sight and you have already begun mentally refinancing your mortgage to bring those babies home. But, buyers beware, everything is not always as it seems. Which raises the question: how can you tell a real from Read More

Cat Lovers Share a "Garage Sale" Comfy Chic Portland Home — House Tour

Name: Cherie Jellison and Nick Dirks, plus cats Susan and CharlieLocation: Laurelhurst — Southeast Portland, OregonSize: 630 square feet (plus basement and a garage!)Years lived in: 4.5 years, renting Cherie and Nick are self-proclaimed “crazy cat people” who have been living in an apartment they truly love for the past four years. Cherie is an emerging interior designer who believes that “it takes time to make a place feel like home” and Nick is a former pro-snowboarder who now works at a tattoo studio. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

Quiz: Can You Match the Bathroom to the Decade?

Ah the vintage bathroom: it’s either loved to the point that tears are shed upon hearing that someone ripped out an authentic 1950s space (the original tiles — nooo!!), or loathed so much that it’s the first thing someone renovates upon moving into a fixer upper (white subway tiles, here I come!). Whichever side you fall on—as there doesn’t appear to be a limbo between those two stances—you’re still likely to have fun making your best guesses in today’s quiz featuring bathrooms from the ’40s to the ’80s. “Mamie pink” tiles, wall-to-wall shag carpeting (yes…in the bathroom), embroidered dividing walls…can Read More

Sorry, Parents: Nobody Wants the Family "Heirlooms"

In a modern world currently intrigued by minimalism, there’s something that all three adult generations can agree on: the problem of dealing with the collections curated (hoarded?) by our family members. From younger boomers and Gen X’ers sandwiched between their aging/dying parents and their own children to millennials trying to gently manage expectations (and their own limited budgets and storage space) without hurt feelings, the message is crystal clear. As Forbes said recently, “Sorry, nobody wants your stuff.” READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico