A Brooklyn Home Designed With Healing in Mind — Video House Tour

Name: Hayley Cranberry and Calvin StarkLocation: Bushwick — Brooklyn, NYYears lived in: 3.5 years, renting Hayley Cranberry didn’t just design her apartment to look good; she designed it to feel good. In fact, her apartment was crafted to be a safe haven from the chaos New York City can be. It was also thoughtfully arranged to help support her life, career and health. Hayley lives with a chronic illness known as ulcerative colitis, so her home isn’t just where she stores her stuff and sleeps. It’s where she seeks comfort, creates her art, and heals when she needs to. READ Read More

This Ceramic Studio in a Red Hook Warehouse is a Maker's Dream Space — Workspace Tour

Editor’s note: We’re re-running this tour because Helen Levi is launching a new dinnerware line on June 14th and we’re excited! Her work is beautiful, earthy and a favorite of mine, and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for 2018. — Adrienne Breaux, House Tour Editor Helen—whose simple, craft-filled home we toured—also has a beautiful studio in Red Hook where she creates her beautiful ceramic pieces. And, Billy—the shop dog—came along, too. She recently made some beautiful dinner plates for a dinner given by the wildly talented Orin Swift, of Orin Swift Wines. READ MORE » Read More

It's Truly Amazing How Much Fits in This 200-Square-Foot New York Studio — Video House Tour

Name: Jessica SirlsLocation: NoLita, New York, New YorkSize: 200 square feetYears lived in: less than 1 year 200 square feet isn’t a lot to work with — but one New Yorker has managed to squeeze in a full-sized bed, an 88-key keyboard, and a table that can seat up to six people, all while maintaining the spacious, relaxing feel you would expect from a much larger apartment. Here’s how she does it. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

A Jaw-Dropping, Beautiful Modern Brooklyn Renovation — Video House Tour

Name: Ruthie Schulder, her husband and twins. Location: Brooklyn, New YorkSize: 2,500 square feetYears lived in: 2 years, owned A house becomes a retreat from the world and a place of comfort when you add meaningful things to it. The elements that reflect what’s important to you and your family. Ruthie and her husband’s Brooklyn house had space on its side when they purchased it. And a smart, modern renovation made it even more beautiful and functional (not to mention light-filled). But it’s the way Ruthie approaches designing her space that makes this such a fresh, remarkable space. READ MORE Read More

An Artist's Bold & Brash 450-Square-Foot Brooklyn Apartment — House Tour

Name: Niki Azevedo and Bennett HarrellLocation: Williamsburg, Brooklyn— New YorkSize: 452 square feetYears lived in: Renting 6 years Niki’s 450 square foot Brooklyn apartment is a reflection of the years she’s lived as an artist in New York City. From DIY wallpaper, to rescued portraits of Jesus on the cross, to a mounted deer head, Niki’s personality shines throughout the space. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

Airstreams, Yurts & Cute Critters: A Modern Day "Green Acres" — Video House Tour

Name: Kirsten and Brandon Dickerson, plus their son and daughterLocation: Our homestead know as Green Acres Retreat, just east of Austin in Elgin, TexasSize: 25 acres that includes our personal dwellings: a 1955 Spartan Mansion just under 350 square feet and a 1967 Overlander Airstream just under 180 square feet, as well as an open air vintage barn and Lotus Belle yurts for guests.Years lived in: Full time living in both of the vintage trailers for 1.5 years Just outside of the Austin city limits you will find the Dickerson family homestead they call “Green Acres.” You’ll find no shortage Read More

A Designer's Romantic & Worldly NYC Apartment — House Tour

Name: Peti LauLocation: New York, NYSize: 800 square feetYears lived in: Renting 3 years Full of unique art collected from around the world, this apartment has a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. From the moment you step inside this stunning apartment with bedroom loft, you are greeted with warm colors and a smiling host. Beginning with an offering of tea, you will feel right at home chatting with the owner, Peti Lau about her amazing travels and the stories behind each piece of collected art. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

A Small But Glamorous West Hollywood Studio — Video House Tour

Name: Dominic A. Cerino IVLocation: West Hollywood — Los Angeles, CaliforniaSize: 560 square feetYears lived in: 4.5 years; Rented When interior designer Dominic submitted his House Call, many of you proclaimed that you couldn’t believe it was a rental. Well, that impression is all down to Dominic’s incredible attention to detail. He convinced his landlord to refinish the bathtub before he moved in, he painted or wallpapered every wall in the place, and he even had a custom faux fireplace/TV enclosure built for the living room. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

A Dreamy 400-Square-Foot Fort Greene Studio Apartment — Video House Tour

Name: Emily Schildt, Co-Founder of Thing of WonderLocation: Fort Greene — Brooklyn, New YorkSize: 400 square feetYears lived in: 1 year Emily’s apartment is all the proof you need that living in a small space doesn’t have to mean going short on style, and that with a little ingenuity a smaller space can live just as well as a much larger one. She’s fit a full-sized bed, a comfy living room, plenty of storage, and even a full-sized dining table into her 400 square foot studio apartment in Brooklyn — and made it all look so good that you’ll want Read More

This LA Loft in an Old Edison Electric Building Comes With Tunnels, Nooks & Plenty of Room to Lounge — Video House Tour

Name: Annette and Jason and their two cats, Fitzgerald and ChiquitaLocation: Los Angeles, CaliforniaSize: 4000 square feetYears lived in: Rented 3 years I can honestly say that this is one of the most unique houses I have ever photographed. Nestled inside of an old Edison Electric Building, Annette and Jason have made their home in a mixture of long tunnels, small cutout nooks and large expansive spaces with floor-to-ceiling windows. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico