How To Sew by Hand: 6 Helpful Stitches for Home Sewing Projects

There are many amazing DIY projects that require a bit of sewing, but that doesn’t mean you have to run right out and purchase a sewing machine! Much can be done by hand, so we’ve rounded up six common stitches that can be used on a myriad of projects for home decor, complete with step-by-step photo tutorials. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

The Foolproof Way To Paint A Room In Just A Few Easy Steps — Apartment Therapy Tutorials

Paint is one of the best ways to dramatically change a room, especially on a low budget. It may seem as simple as deciding on a color, buying paint, and getting it up on the walls, but if you want the most professional-looking results (and only want to make one trip to the hardware store), follow these few simple steps. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

Dead Battery? How to Jump Start a Car Like a Pro

You run out of the house already late for work, hop in the car and turn the key in the ignition … only to hear a “click click” noise instead of the comforting hum of the engine. Obviously something’s not right. Is it the battery (easy fix), the alternator (more complicated), or both? Whatever it is, it’s not the end of the world. Take a deep breath, because you got this. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

How To Make Homemade Reed Diffusers

I really dislike artificial fragrances, especially those plug-in types of air fresheners that are full of chemicals. Give me essential oils any day. However, many of the nicer reed diffusers are also pretty pricey. Paying $20 or $30 for a store-bought one seems rather silly when many of us have the raw materials to make our own lying around the house. Here’s how to DIY a reed diffuser for a hit of natural aromatherapy at home. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

How To Make a Clementine Candle

It’s that lovely time of year again, when even though the weather is getting colder, bright little boxes of clementines start popping up in store windows. Now is their season, and it’s ours to exercise a little bit a of will power and optimism in the dark. I learned this fabulous little party trick when I was a school teacher years ago (thank you Ana Opitz!) and have been showing other folks how to do it for years. It’s ALWAYS a crowd pleaser. I’ve updated the whole post and combined all the elements from instructions to slide show to video. Read More

How To Install Window Insulation Film — Apartment Therapy Tutorials

With an average savings of over $15/window during heating season, insulating your windows with plastic film makes whole lot of sense—especially if you live in an old, drafty house. And if you have any windows that don’t open, keep those insulated year-round for extra savings on cooling costs during the summer months. Here’s how. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

How To Get Rid of Red Wine Stains

I’m a white wine drinker usually, but last week I had friends over who love red wine, and we all dove in. Sure enough, within the first hour I had red wine spattered on my dress-shirt from a cork that popped in the wrong way. Not so long ago a friend spilled red wine on my new white linen chair in the living room. Ugh. It looked awful, but with a little smart work, all was okay. Due to this, I’ve gotten pretty good at getting these stains out and have some info here to help you. Enjoy and please Read More

Removing Old, Bulky Shower Doors Is Much Easier Than You Think

If you’ve ever wanted to get rid of your old shower doors, and replace them with a curtain, it’s much easier to do than you think. There are many good reasons to switch them out: some are leaky, or collect mold. They also get in the way of cleaning and bathing kiddos. A curtain eliminates all of these things, and can be thrown in the wash when it gets too dirty. Plus, when the curtain is left open when not in use, the bathroom feels so much larger than before. Don’t be daunted by the idea of leaving holes in Read More

A Hard-Core IKEA Hack for a Rental Bathroom Makeover — Apartment Therapy Original Makeover

IKEA’s IVAR collection is a very versatile system, with different ways to configure storage, and made of unfinished wood that’s a virtual blank slate for paint. But, in a recent makeover project, the big question became: could it become the centerpiece of an inexpensive rental bathroom makeover? READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

Make This Gothic-Glam Skull Garland from an Ice Cube Mold — Apartment Therapy Tutorials

What do you get when you mix Edgar Allen Poe and a bit of glam? A bewitching style that’s all about rich blacks, candles, and skulls. And if you’re into skulls, you’ll be into this quick and easy DIY. Using silicon skull molds and plaster, you can add the perfect garland accent to your Halloween spread, or leave it up and keep your glam goth game strong all year long. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico