Is Joanna Gaines' Favorite Feature Disappearing from Bathrooms?

Some things just go together. Peanut butter and jelly, chocolate chip cookies and milk, and Joanna Gaines and freestanding bathtubs. (For once, we’re not talking about shiplap). READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

Unusually Beautiful Bathtubs We Long To Sink Into

Fall means a lot of things: sweaters and falling leaves and hot toddies and, to me, hot baths. Nothing feels better, when you’ve been a little chilled all day, than coming home and drinking a hot cup of tea in the bath. Which is perhaps why, at this time, I find myself particularly drawn to bathrooms with interesting or unusual or even showstealing tubs. Each one of these bathtubs makes the room — and would make my day, too. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico