This Man Is Responsible for the Gardens at NYC's Top Restaurants

It was a gray Friday afternoon, but Studio—a café and restaurant tucked inside the recently opened Freehand New York—felt alive. I was sitting across from the person who helped to create that vibe through a surprising vehicle—plants. They filled the corners, shelves, and the area between the tables, bringing each space very much to life. And, it turns out, the man responsible for their being is also behind the plants at a host of New York City’s hottest restaurants. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

Trick-or-Greet: How to Style the Best Looking Halloween Door on the Block

It’s officially October, which means it’s time to bust out the pumpkins, pull the skeletons out of your closets (literally, not figuratively, of course) and get festive. Whether you like to keep it simple with chic white pumpkins, prefer the glam goth look via black velvet and brass skulls, or display your classic bats and jack-o-lanterns with pride, we’ve got you covered no matter your Halloween style. If you’re super pumped for October and ready to get crackin’ on your Halloween decorating but aren’t sure where to start, may we suggest your front door? It’s the one feature we all Read More

Take Back Your Space: Conquering a Monster of a Messy Closet — Video from Apartment Therapy

Kristen had nothing magical living under her stairs (certainly no wizards). While she appreciated having this extra storage space, it had devolved into the dumping-est of dumping grounds. When she contacted us for closet help she described it as “where I store random items I have nowhere else to put”. Watch above as it “magically” transforms from chaos to order. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico