7 Smart Space-Savers To Steal From Tiny Houseboats

If you want to know about rhinestones and country music, ask Dolly Parton. For insight into small spaces and storage, go straight to boat owners and people who live year-round on houseboats. They’ve got tons of solutions to suit even the tiniest spaces, and we could all stand to pick their brains for a minute or two. Here are seven products you regularly find on boats that even land lovers can put to good use at home. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

8 Stylish Mirrors That Double as Extra Storage

No matter if you have a sprawling Colonial or a 600-square-foot studio apartment, everyone can use a little more storage space. But other than the closets your floor plans has gifted you, it can get a little tricky to find the room to store all of your clutter. That’s when you have to get a little creative with the furniture you buy, and see if you can make one piece do two jobs for you. While it’s common to have beds with roll-out drawers or dining room sideboards that double as cabinets, there are some more innovative furniture solutions you Read More

IKEA’s New Collection Is for People Who Love Their Stuff

Despite the trends toward minimalism in recent years, some of us aren’t meant to be KonMari devotees with clutter-free spaces. IKEA, despite being a bastion of Scandinavian starkness, has been coming around to a maximalist way of life. Their latest collection is definitely for people who love their stuff, and want to show it off. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

I Found the Perfect Dupe for IKEA's RÅSKOG Cart

How can you use IKEA’s iconic RÅSKOG cart at home? Let me count the ways: As a bar cart, as a kitchen cart, to store clothes, or beauty products, or shoes, even as a nightstand or side table, the list truly goes on and on. The versatile little utility piece is a classic for a reason. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

Why You Should Keep an Extra Clothes Hanger in Your Living Room

Clothes hangers are great for, you know, hanging clothes. But they have other uses which you might not think of. Here’s a very good reason to keep one, or a couple, in your living room. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

Use Keurig K Cups or Coffee Pods? This Storage Hack's For You

Use Keurig K cups or Nespresso coffee pods? If yours live in one of those bulky carousels on your counter, or take up an entire drawer, they are using precious kitchen real estate. Here’s a great quick (and temporary) way to up your storage game with an affordable, DIY solution that frees up space, and lets you easily see and grab the flavor you want. Best of all, it only takes minutes and just a couple of bucks. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

This Simple Project Takes Storage to A Whole New Level

When it comes to storage, there are things we want conveniently within reach, and easy to grab at a moment’s notice. And then there are things we have to keep out of necessity, but only use occasionally (and sometimes, face it, never at all). Hanging some storage up near the ceiling is a great way to make the most of your square footage. These floor-freeing solutions that give us very high hopes. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

The Best Bike Racks — The Guide 2018

If you live in a city, opting out of traffic jams and overcrowded trains for life in the bike lane is seriously tempting. More and more U.S. cities are building bike lanes and actively trying to grow a more bike-friendly culture, prompting commuters to view their bikes as necessities rather than luxuries. This trend, while positive, comes with a catch-22: bikes are incredibly practical in cities, but city dwellers are lacking in space to store bikes. To help solve this problem, we’ve rounded up our favorite indoor bike storage solutions, from shelves to hooks and everything in between. READ MORE Read More

Powder Coating is The Secret To Those Lilac Cabinets in the GirlBoss Office

If you read Architectural Digest, you might have seen the new GirlBoss office, with its warm, bright interior punctuated by colorful furniture and vintage scores. But what caught my eye was the ombre purple filing cabinets in the conference room. And I wanted to know more. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

The Best Storage Beds — The Guide 2018

Storage beds once seemed like the orthopedic shoe of the design world—sensible, but not stylish. These days, though, some are so attractive that you might want one even if your bedroom is spacious. Ideal for small starter apartments, modern storage beds come in a range of designs from very basic with clean lines to more luxe, upholstered options. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico