Why I Chose to Move 2 Minutes Away From My Ex

When my ex, Sarah, moved into her new home on a beautiful tree-lined street in the middle of one of Toronto’s most charming and historical neighborhoods, I began a months-long search for a place nearby. Even though we didn’t have any children together, it was an absolute priority for the both of us that I move within walking distance. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

The Salary You Need to Live Alone in Every Major U.S. City

Living in an exciting urban environment is a priority for a lot of people, but the prospect of swinging rent in a major city without the help of a roommate can be daunting. If you’re wondering what it takes to be able to afford to live alone in one of the top 20 populated cities in the United States, check out this list, which provides the yearly salary needed to afford the average rent for both a one-bedroom and a studio apartment in each city. The salary needed is calculated based upon the guideline that your gross annual income should Read More

6 Steps to Getting a Great Subletter—Stat

Chances are, if you need a subletter, it’s because you’ve got to make a move—stat. But finding a solid replacement—one who makes those rent payments on time and doesn’t completely disrupt the roommate ecosystem—can be tough, especially if you’re under a time crunch. Before you launch a frenetic search on Craigslist, though, here are some expert tips to help you easily find a reliable subletter. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

Your Friend Just Bought a House! Here's Why You Feel So Bad

If your friend just bought a house, it’s hard not to feel a pang of jealousy over the fact that she either won the lottery, received a sizable inheritance, or was gifted cash for a down payment. And then there’s that fabulous backsplash and gorgeous front yard she keeps talking about. But no matter how she amassed the pile of cash, your friend’s foray into homeownership can test a friendship, especially if you’re finding it hard to make rent. “As trivial as it may sound, home buyer envy is very real, especially in a city like New York where buying Read More

Think Your Landlord Is Trying to Get You to Move Out? Do This

Finding an apartment you absolutely adore and want to stay in is a rare and special thing in the rental market today. But, unfortunately, a renter’s desire to stay put isn’t always enough to make it a reality. “With increasing rents, building conversions (to condominium), building sales, and other reasons, landlords look to get tenants out of properties early,” says Mark Hakim, an attorney with SSRGA in New York City. He notes that some unscrupulous landlords may resort to underhanded tactics (more about that in a moment) to try to force a tenant to vacate an apartment. If you’re facing Read More

Is This the Most Underrated Apartment Amenity in NYC?

You’ve seen those fancy gizmos in suburban sinks—those garbage disposals that suck down each and every coffee ground or lettuce leaf you don’t need, making it next to unnecessary to make countless runs to your building’s refuse bin. But despite all the modern luxuries of living in New York City, garbage disposals are actually pretty rare. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

I Moved In With 5 Strangers—Here's Why I Miss It Every Day

I move a lot. Because of the nature of my job (freelance writer), I was in five countries over three continents this month. I have to pack, unpack, and move rooms every few days. When I’m on an assignment, I usually stay in a hotel. When I’m not, I often stay with my sweet, accommodating partner who has rearranged his entire bedroom to create a writing nook for me. But even he knows what I long for. It’s not a hotel or a nice apartment with designer furniture. My dream home was on Hope Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in an Read More

3 Signs You Should Check In On Your Neighbor

Maybe you hear seemingly constant fighting and crying through the walls. Or someone is hollering upstairs for a concerningly long time. Or the guy across the hall has suddenly gone radio silent and his mailbox is overflowing. Now, the big question: Are you overthinking or does your neighbor really need help? Whether you’re close to your neighbors, haven’t made it past the head-nod-in-the-elevator stage, or didn’t even know someone even lived in that apartment, it’s your duty to be proactive for their safety, even if it’s awkward. While it might turn out that they’re not in danger, the alternative—that they Read More

This Is How Long It Takes Most Americans to Save For a Down Payment

It doesn’t matter how much you smash that piggy bank—your first home is going to be really expensive and it’s going to take a long time to save up for that down payment on your own. According to a new study from HotPads, most renters will spend nearly six and a half years saving to put a down payment on a home. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

3 Packing Mistakes Professionals See Over and Over

You’ve chosen your moving company and booked the movers, but there’s one thing that still needs to be done before the big day: packing up your belongings. Before you get too excited and begin stuffing your boxes with all your stuff, make sure that you’re setting yourself up for a smooth and efficient move. Mindless packing can end up taking a lot of otherwise unnecessary time and energy to fix—a combination that could cost you, as you’re most likely paying for the movers by the hour. “Sometimes people will complain and not tip the guys because it took so long,” Read More