5 Chores You Should Never Skip (Even If You're Busy)

Pressed for time? Running late? Didn’t finish your Sunday morning “to clean” list but need to head out the door to brunch right now? Whenever you’re pressed for time — or have an extra heavy schedule a certain week — don’t let all your chores and cleaning duties slip into disarray. Keep your house functioning by being choosy with which chores you skip and which ones you tackle. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

A Makeup Organizer For The Truly Beauty-Obsessed Is On Sale On Amazon — Amazon Deal of the Day

As reductive as those “there are two kinds of people” memes can be, there is also always one version we secretly believe is actually true. I am, for example, completely convinced there are two kinds o f makeup owners: those who are happy to have a small collection of just the essentials. Then there is the other kind: the person who sees makeup not as a finite list of products but an endless and ever-growing hoard. (As you may have already guessed, I fall in the latter category.) READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

3 Amazon Buys Currently On Sale Perfect For Your Spring-Cleaning Arsenal — Amazon Deal of the Day

Although those in the path of the Nor’easter may disagree, spring is officially here. Thankfully, no matter the outside temperature, we can already start observing one of our favorite parts of the season: spring cleaning. The unofficial holiday starts around the time we start thinking about the last time we vacuumed under the bed and runs until we actually vacuum under the bed (as late as mid-June for some of us). But no matter what your personal timeline, we have three on-sale products from Amazon to start getting you inspired for your next deep clean. READ MORE » Powered by Read More

These Amazon Deals Are Good For Your Wallet – & The Environment — Amazon Deal of the Day

We are always looking for more eco-friendly ways to shop for our homes. In addition to being better for the environment, it’s also a money-saver. That said, it can often mean spending more money up front for savings down the line, even if it’s small (like our new favorite $6 solution to paper towels). So when we do see deals on green products, we get excited. Ahead, three buys that are better for the environment – and currently better for your wall – on Amazon. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

6 Streaming Documentaries Sure to Fuel Your Minimalist Fire

In an increasingly overwhelming world, minimalism is having a moment. It seems very appealing (and doable!) to take control of your life one possession at a time. You can purge what you don’t need, get educated and intentional about what you do need, and forget the rest. If you constantly feel like you’re too busy, too tired, or too broke, minimalism says that a life with less stuff promises more. More time, more contentment, more money, and perhaps most appealing of all, more happiness. So whether you’ve already Kondo-ed your whole home, are looking for inspiration to do so, or Read More

3 Amazon Deals That Make Cleaning A Little Less Of A Chore — Amazon Deal of the Day

It might not be quite spring cleaning yet, but March is well underway and winter is on its way out. But even if we aren’t quite ready to do a full-blown deep clean, we’re always looking for small ways to make chores feel a little less, well, like chores. When something’s easier to do, you’re more likely to do it, right? If you’ve been putting off a pile of ironing or sink of dirty dishes, you’re in luck. Today, three Amazon deals are perfect for stepping up your cleaning game. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

I Tried Every Shoe Storage Solution Out There – This Is The One I Still Use, 4 Years Later — Deal of the Day

Over the years, I’ve tried every possible shoe storage solution. This is not an exaggeration — just about every possible solution that is available, I have purchased, tried, and discarded. Regular shoe racks require a good amount of closet space. But even when I have had the closet space to store, I found that my shoes often lived in cluttered piles since I’d be less likely to bend over and put them back on the rack. More often than not, however, I’ve lived in places with tiny enough closets that shoe storage required a bit more creative thinking. READ MORE Read More

9 Products to Maximize Every Last Inch of Your Cabinet Space

When your cabinet storage just isn’t cutting it, call on these savvy space-saving products to find square inches you didn’t even know existed. Shelves that stack, bins that mount to the back of the door, and baskets that hang under the shelf let you tuck your dishware, makeup, and cleaning supplies into every little nook and cranny. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

The Surprisingly Cheap Solution To My Tiny-Space Book Storage Woes — Amazon Deal of the Day

Ever since I moved into my first tiny dorm room at 18, I’ve been juggling two problems: too many books, and not enough room to store them. In my current bedroom, I was able to keep the storage crisis at bay through frequent KonMari purges, but eventually my bookworm ways caught up to me. I found myself out of storage space, with books piling up on my floors. I finally turned to a long-dormant solution I had first used back in college: invisible book shelves. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

3 Secrets of People with Flawlessly Clean Houses

You know the type. It doesn’t matter if you’re at their home for an event or just dropping by for an unannounced visit — their homes are always impeccably clean (and seemingly effortlessly). What do they know that you don’t? We share three secrets of the impeccably clean. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico