Think Twice Before Tossing These 4 Things When Moving (Even If You're in a Purge Mood)

Whether you’re moving to another state, or just down the block, packing can be an ordeal. And when you’re in the process of a move, you may find yourself wanting to purge a lot of items. “Ask yourself why you want to keep the item. Is it for sentimental reasons? Does it spark joy? If it’s not for any of the two reasons above, chances are you can get rid of it,” says Allison Dunn of Organized Spaces by Allie. However, while downsizing is great and wanting to have a clutter-free zone is everyone’s goal, you may throw away items Read More

The Room You're Most Likely to Unpack First, According to Your Zodiac Sign

The stars aligned perfectly and you signed a lease on a coveted apartment or emerged victorious in a bidding war for your dream home. Congrats! Now, it’s time to unpack and get settled in. Sure, you don’t need a full-on horoscope to tell you where to start; but your zodiac sign might inspire you to prioritize one room, or space, above all others. To help, we asked astrologists which room you should unpack first—based on your sign. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

3 Packing Mistakes Professionals See Over and Over

You’ve chosen your moving company and booked the movers, but there’s one thing that still needs to be done before the big day: packing up your belongings. Before you get too excited and begin stuffing your boxes with all your stuff, make sure that you’re setting yourself up for a smooth and efficient move. Mindless packing can end up taking a lot of otherwise unnecessary time and energy to fix—a combination that could cost you, as you’re most likely paying for the movers by the hour. “Sometimes people will complain and not tip the guys because it took so long,” Read More

10 Creative Ways You Can Save Money While Moving

You just bought a new home or signed the lease for an apartment you’ve been coveting. Spending your discretionary dollars on a great piece of art or furniture sounds a lot more fun than blowing money on boring moving boxes and tape, right? If only it were that easy: Moving can be a pricey endeavor once you layer in all of the costs associated with professional movers, rented trucks, housing deposits, and miscellaneous fees. Add to that the expenses you don’t always know are coming, like paying a technician to come out and hook up your much-needed Wifi or replacing Read More

5 Things to Do in Your New Kitchen Before You Move In

So you’re moving, huh? Congratulations! While moving itself is stressful, the prospects of a new place are usually always exciting. It’s a fresh start — a chance to reorganize and redecorate! But where do you start? I’ll tell you: You start before you move in — especially in the kitchen. Here are five things to take care of before you unpack that first kitchen box. 1. If you want to paint, paint now. If you know you want to paint the kitchen, it’s best to do it before you get settled into your new-kitchen-new-cooking grove. Even better? Hire someone to Read More

4 Stress-Busting Things You Should Do Before You Move

You might not think an empty house or apartment as an especially beautiful thing. There’s a reason why houses are staged when they go on the market, and that is because people usually think of empty houses and apartments as sad and lonely. But, after you’ve signed on the dotted line and the home is yours, the emptiness can be a spectacular vision. Instead of loneliness, the space is a blank slate for all the happy memories (and awesome decor) to come. But don’t get ahead of yourself: That blank slate also offers you ample opportunity to do the things Read More

5 Lessons I Learned from My Cross-Country Move

On May 1, 2017, my partner and I squeezed all of our remaining belongings into an overstuffed Hyundai Elantra and departed on a one-way trip from Toronto to Vancouver. I say remaining belongings because an 2008 Elantra is no U-Haul. Tony Bennett may have left his heart in San Francisco but we left all of our furniture in the Salvation Army loading bay. We had decided to leave our apartment, jobs and almost a decade’s worth of friends behind to start over on the other side of the country purely for the experience. With our late twenties calling, we wanted Read More

Here’s What It’s Really Like To Move To Austin

As a long-time New Yorker with over a dozen years in the Big Apple under my belt, the idea of moving to another city always seemed pretty laughable. Why would I bother when the best of everything can be found in NYC? Of course, crippling rents, frigid winters and soon-to-be-defunct subway lines can also be found in NYC. For these reasons, I decided it was time to give another city a try, but I knew that I didn’t want to give up the fantastic culinary, nightlife and shopping scenes I’d become used to in New York. I had to find Read More

The City Guide to Malibu

Yes, Malibu has a reputation for being economically extra. But here’s what most people don’t realize: Beyond the displays of wealth—from billion-dollar beachfront homes to YouTube’s targeted ads for spendy rehabs and private-gate installations—is a rustic chaparral and chill country life in the canyons. The beaches are so close, the hiking can start from your backyard and the stars and moon seem so much brighter out here. (Plus, there are world-class amenities like Mr. Chow and Nobu for when you’re feeling fancy.) If you look, you can find a place to rent for not much more than what you’d pay Read More

The Neighborhood Guide to Echo Park

I have called Echo Park my home for nearly a year and a half. After spending an unhappy year in a hardly-walkable area of Los Angeles’s Mid City, I decided to move to the east side neighborhood. I felt desperate to find an apartment from which I could stroll to the nearest restaurant, bar, or bookstore. Thankfully, I found that in Echo Park. I like the neighborhood not only for the walkability, but for the creative energy. There’s always a show going on down the street at The Echo, or a new independent shop or coffee house opening their doors. Read More