Before & After: Beautifying Beat-Up Flea Market Chairs

It’s impossible to believe, but at one point, these chairs were like two perfect plums. We first discovered them in NYC’s Chelsea Flea Market, one cold Sunday morning, in the early ’90s when my husband (then boyfriend) and I were recovering from a live Jane’s Addiction hangover. The flea market was a place you wandered through when you had nothing better to do and little energy to do it. We couldn’t believe we discovered these Knoll knock-offs and that they could be ours for 200 bucks. They were groovy, urbane, and they epitomized who we wanted to be. READ MORE Read More

The Best Thing We Did During This Recent Kitchen Reno Was Add Space-Saving Storage

We’ve had a kitchen renovation in the works for months upon months now, and I’m just getting final photos back, but couldn’t resist sharing this one corner over the weekend. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

Meghan's $10 Bathroom Floor Makeover — Makeover

Project by: MeghanLocation: Charleston, South Carolina Our bathroom floor was disgusting. Like, ten year old faux-wood rental apartment sheet vinyl disgusting. Really, the picture does not do it justice AT ALL. I toyed with the idea of putting down vinyl tiles on top (like I did in our kitchen), but the floor is super uneven and I was worried that the humidity would cause the glue to unstick. So, we made peace with it for a year and a half. Flash forward to one month ago when I saw a picture of a painted hardwood floor online (thanks, Pinterest). I Read More

A Hard-Core IKEA Hack for a Rental Bathroom Makeover — Apartment Therapy Original Makeover

IKEA’s IVAR collection is a very versatile system, with different ways to configure storage, and made of unfinished wood that’s a virtual blank slate for paint. But, in a recent makeover project, the big question became: could it become the centerpiece of an inexpensive rental bathroom makeover? READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico