Meet My Two Favorite Lunch Buddies: Prepd and Monbento — Maxwell's Fantastic Find

Lunch monotony is real and we know it all too well. You were excited to have prepped a lunch the night before, but those leftovers look kind of sad and boring now that noon is rolling around and your stomach is grumbling. Today I’ve got two bento boxes that are total lunch gamechangers: Prepd Pack and Monbento. They’re super functional (compact, wash easily, no leaks) and super cute. Check out my review and the unboxing video below — this just might be the end to lunch boredom, once and for all. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

Starbucks Is Closing Their Online Store — Here's What's On Sale

Coffee lovers, here’s a bargain for you: Starbucks is closing their online store as of October 1 and liquidating what’s left in it. So while you’ll no longer be able to order an insulated mug or a pour over coffee maker from them online after next month, you can snag those very things and more right now, for a sweet discount of up to 50 percent. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico