The Best Mouse Traps: Humane (& Not) — Annual Guide 2017

I’ve had my share of mousecapades and caught mice humanely and in grizzly ways (the worst are glue traps, though sometimes they become necessary). All are recorded here. However, I’ve always tried to start with humane mouse traps and had good luck. Here are my top picks gleaned from own experience. In addition, I’ve retained all the information from my old post, which had some really nice recommendations we felt were worth keeping on this eternal subject. Newly Updated: 10.12.2017 With a new video and top picks: The Snap-E and The Plank, which is genius. READ MORE » Powered by Read More

We Tried Out Some Favorite Pieces from the Novogratz Collection for Amazon — Maxwell's Fantastic Find

Hi everyone! I’m excited to be back in our studio this week for a feature that I’ve been waiting to share for the past few months. When I heard that my friends Bob and Cortney Novogratz would be launching an online boutique on Amazon, I was eager to check it out in person. Their team was kind enough to send over some of the pieces (including a blush sofa that could not match the blush walls of our new studio any more perfectly) and I’m excited to walk you all through it today. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

Keep Your Garden Alive: Edyn is the Future of Gardening — Maxwell's Fantastic Find

The Edyn garden sensor launched as a Kickstarter project, was designed by Yves Behar and his FuseProject and is recently exclusive to Home Depot though some are still available elsewhere. (Image credit: Edyn) Consider this a wifi thermostat for your garden. I love having greenery in and around my home but it’s sometimes (read: often) difficult to know just how to keep plants and vegetables healthy and strong — or to know exactly what they need. Water is the one I mess up when it gets really hot and dry, winter or summer. Introducing Edyn, the sleek smart sensor that Read More