14 Designers Share Their Best Productivity Tips

What is it about the beginning of fall that always brings out the back-to-school spirit in us? It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you graduated school, there’s something about September that makes us want to turn over a new leaf and be more productive. So, we get organized, set bigger goals for ourselves, and buy some super chic office supplies. Of course, it’s important to make sure our new, hyper-organized, super-productive lifestyle lasts, which is where the design community comes in. From scheming up new collections to scaling their businesses, they’re pros at bolstering creativity, increasing productivity, and Read More

Still Don't Know Who Shawn Mendes Is? This Real Estate Agent Is Here to Help

If you don’t know who cutie Canadian, “Treat You Better” singer Shawn Mendes is, well… that’s okay since I didn’t really remember I liked him slash knew anything about him until about an hour ago when I came across some songs from his self-titled album on Spotify. But within maybe 20 minutes, I became obsessed with the “Stitches” singer. All of his most-recent songs are bangers and make me grin from ear-to-ear. I quickly Slacked all of my co-workers “Guys, wait, I actually love Shawn Mendes” and I started to feel hot all over as I listened to his discography Read More

This Man Is Responsible for the Gardens at NYC's Top Restaurants

It was a gray Friday afternoon, but Studio—a café and restaurant tucked inside the recently opened Freehand New York—felt alive. I was sitting across from the person who helped to create that vibe through a surprising vehicle—plants. They filled the corners, shelves, and the area between the tables, bringing each space very much to life. And, it turns out, the man responsible for their being is also behind the plants at a host of New York City’s hottest restaurants. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

Sorry, Parents: Nobody Wants the Family "Heirlooms"

In a modern world currently intrigued by minimalism, there’s something that all three adult generations can agree on: the problem of dealing with the collections curated (hoarded?) by our family members. From younger boomers and Gen X’ers sandwiched between their aging/dying parents and their own children to millennials trying to gently manage expectations (and their own limited budgets and storage space) without hurt feelings, the message is crystal clear. As Forbes said recently, “Sorry, nobody wants your stuff.” READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico