May 18

The Best Linen Sheets — The Guide 2018

Despite being devoted to my bed and coziness in general, I must admit that I’ve never really paid attention to bedding beyond aesthetics. My naïveté led me to believe that sheets were sheets; why did it matter what material they were? I was (obviously) very sorely mistaken, but I didn’t realize it until I purchased a microfiber sheet set from Amazon solely based on price. Not only did they start pilling after two washes, but they made me, a not especially hot person, sweat like crazy no matter how cold my room was. After months of uncomfortable nights, I finally called it quits and started doing bedding research.

That’s when I finally discovered the wonders of linen sheets. Surely you’ve seen the look on Instagram or Pinterest: Perfectly rumpled linens that make you want to dive right into bed. They’re easy—softly wrinkled is the goal! They’re also breathable and seriously good at temperature regulating, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. No more kicking off the covers! They also get softer with time, won’t pill and are environmentally-friendly. They’re practically perfect in every way, although they aren’t exactly budget-friendly. Fair warning: 100% linen bedding is costly, but oh so worth it. Read on—we’ve rounded up our favorite sources for linen sheets so you can see for yourself. (Note on pricing: all prices listed are for Queen sets. If a set is not available for purchase, then the pricing reflects the cost for a top sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases.)


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