A Shabby Chic St. Paul Apartment — House Tour

Name: Katherine HarrisLocation: Highland Park; St. Paul, MinnesotaSize: 850 square feetYears lived in: 9 months rented As a professional photographer, Katie has a keen eye for design, finding inspiration in vintage kitchens and old farmhouses. Most of all, Katie leans heavily on the philosophy that decor need not be expensive. To Katie, meaningfulness trumps all else, with the majority of her furniture being gifts, hand-me-downs, and local purchases. In a short nine months, Katie’s decor philosophy and convictions have served her well in completing this space, despite having started fresh with nearly all of her furniture since her last move. Read More

Here's What We Know So Far About The Pottery Barn Lilly Pulitzer Collaboration

It might not be summer yet, but Pottery Barn is already planning for vacation days and garden parties. The retailer has announced its next collaboration will bring the Palm Beach vibes, courtesy of Lilly Pulitzer. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

A Shaker-Inspired, Hand-Built Vermont Farmhouse — House Tour

Name: Sarah Priestap-Porter and Jeffrey Porter. Our land-mates are Arlo (rescue mutt) and Glaumur (Icelandic Horse)Location: Tunbridge, Vermont (Central Vermont, for y’all who have no idea where this is)Size: 1620 square feetYears Lived In: 1 year, owned When I started dating Jeff back in 2009, one of the first things he told me was how his dream was to build a house for his family some day. It was college, and the time when everyone talked about big dreams, so I never took it seriously. After all, he was a photography major with a little woodworking experience at the time, Read More

Our Favorite Electric Kettle Is Currently On Sale — Amazon Deal of the Day

For those who’ve ever wondered if a watched pot ever really does boil, it may be time to invest in an electric kettle. The gadget gets you boiling water fast, whether you need it for tea, coffee, or even cooking. Aside from convenience, electric kettles are also considered safer than boiling water on the stove or in the microwave. If you still need convincing, our recent pick for best electric kettle is currently marked down on Amazon. Why not get one and try it out for yourself? You’ll wonder how you ever waited so long for your French press before. Read More

The Bold & Beautiful Beverly Hills Home of the Founders of Too Faced Cosmetics — House Tour

Name: Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson, the co-founders of Too Faced Cosmetics, and their chihuahua, CloverLocation: Beverly Hills Size: 2,121 square feetYears Lived In: 2.5 years, owned Too Faced Cosmetics—the cruelty-free global beauty and cosmetics brand started in 1998 and sold in over 30 countries—is known for its ability to not take makeup too seriously. Their “Better Than Sex” mascara is iconic with a cult-like following. They’re responsible for the world’s first glitter eye shadow. And frankly I appreciate any company that so freely uses puns in its product names (looking at you, “Chocolate Brow-nie“). And the Beverly Hills home Read More

The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Living Room Under $100

Shelves. They are versatile surfaces that keep your space organized, create visual interest, and show off your favorite decor. There are very few other ways to really amp up your space for such little money. We’ve gathered up a handful of different shelving looks, along with resources on how to DIY them yourself — all ranging from $10-100. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

This Affordable Purchase Can Actually Help You Sleep Better

Earlier this week, we shared a simple trick to make a dark room brighter, but today we’re talking to those who want their spaces darker. Whether you’re a sensitive sleeper and can’t handle even the slightest bit of light from a nearby street lamp, or you work the nightshift and can only catch those Zzz during the sunniest part of the day, this one relatively affordable decor addition just might up your sleep quality. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

Dead Battery? How to Jump Start a Car Like a Pro

You run out of the house already late for work, hop in the car and turn the key in the ignition … only to hear a “click click” noise instead of the comforting hum of the engine. Obviously something’s not right. Is it the battery (easy fix), the alternator (more complicated), or both? Whatever it is, it’s not the end of the world. Take a deep breath, because you got this. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

A 350-Square-Foot Brooklyn Studio Apartment with Vintage Charm — House Tour

Name: Sarah and DanLocation: Fort Greene — Brooklyn, New YorkSize: 350 square feetYears lived in: Renting 4.5 years Sarah and Dan live in a beautifully preserved brownstone apartment in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn. The pre-war space features an abundance of architectural charm, like high ceilings, a floral ceiling medallion, and a gorgeous fireplace. The couple describes their style as modern and minimal, but above all, they value comfort. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

A Handsomely Designed, Warm Industrial Chicago Loft — House Tour

Name: Kyle SchunemanLocation: Chicago, IllinoisSize: 1,100 square feetYears lived in: 1 year, owned Interior designer Kyle Schuneman wrote The First Apartment Book: Cool Design for Small Spaces. He’s designed decor carried by Bed, Bath and Beyond, and his upholstery line can be found at Apt2B. And he’s shared photos of his Chicago loft that he designed himself! In his own words: “I fell in love with this loft as soon as I walked in for the first time. Growing up in Chicago, I always wanted to own a piece of it and this place had so much history. It’s in Read More