Mar 19

How to Find Your Personal Design Style, According to the Experts

Fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent was onto something when he famously said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” Your personal style is so much more than haphazardly throwing on a T-shirt and pair of jeans; it’s a reflection of who you are. It’s as much a part of your identity as your job or Instagram feed.

So why should your home be any different? Let’s face it: With the exception of your office, you probably spend the most time in your home so it’s important your space reflects you.

Of course, your personal style doesn’t just emerge overnight. It takes time, some soul-searching, and a few rounds of trial and error. To help you dive head-first into domestic bliss, here are five tips for finding your personal style.


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Dec 17

Dreaming of Renovating an Old Building? Read This First

If you spend much time puttering around the DIY/home decor/renovation parts of the internet, you are probably familiar with the work of Mandi, from Vintage Revivals. Pretty much everything she touches turns to gold, as evidenced by her work on The Nugget, a down-on-its-luck travel trailer turned inspiring, DIY-filled small space. Currently, Mandi is in the midst of an even more daunting project, converting a 90-year-old mercantile store/filling station into a home for her family. It’s her biggest project to date, and one she’s learned a lot from. Gamely, she agreed to share some of her insights with us.


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Sep 17

Alice, My Friend Wants to Stay at My House…In My Bed…With his Girlfriend — Ask Alice: Advice for Life at Home

Hi Alice,

I have a friend, who was my flatmate, but now lives with his family. His girlfriend lives in a different city and now they want to meet up with each other and stay over at my apartment in my room, asking me to sleep on the couch outside for a night. He’s a good friend of mine, but I do not want him to stay in my apartment and in my bed with his girlfriend. How can I say no in a way that does not make him feel bad?


Hesitant Host


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