Bergen County Investment Properties Offer Long Term Potential

Never mind what those TV get-rich-quick infomercials would have us believe: building long-term wealth requires focus and patience. Patience, because a steady growth is a more reliable strategy than flashier single investment ‘wins’ — and focus, because opportunities slip past when daily demands soak up all our attention.

For financially secure individuals, current real estate trends deserve some attention. Right now we have an environment that may be unique in our lifetimes — one that calls for seriously considering the long-term potential investment properties offer. If you agree that investment properties in our area are worth investigating further, you will discover multiple financing alternatives:

    • Finding a mortgage for local investment properties is the choice most people think of first. However, since the lending market is still in recovery mode, it may be a while before most down payment requirements drop below 20%-30%
    • By setting up a self-directed IRA, you may be able to make investments through your existing savings. Such investments come out of your IRA, and the profits generated remain there and grow tax-free until you retire. There are limitations to this method of financing: don’t rely on this route until you have sought the advice of a qualified financial advisor or your tax attorney.
    • For anyone 62 or older, an idea that is not often considered is the reverse mortgage. The object is to allow you to access equity from the property you currently own without having to sell it. Unlike a regular mortgage, the equity released need not be repaid until the mortgaged property is sold or the borrower dies; but it may be repaid with the interest accrued without penalty at any time.

To be sure this or any of the other financing paths work to your advantage, you’ll need a sharp pencil — and guidance from a reliable licensed financial counselor. If you’ve already been thinking that the time is right to start or grow your investment portfolio through the purchase of real estate, contact me for hot leads on some of today’s best investment properties in town.

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