A 460-Square-Foot Paris Pied-à-Terre's Color Palette Is Perfect — House Tour

Name: Laurence Moinet-Saussereau
Location: Paris, France
Size: 460 square feet
Years lived in: 0 years, owned

This apartment was my father’s originally. He bought it in the ’80s for work purposes—a pied-à-terre as we call it here—and kept it even after he moved out of Paris since it was a sound investment. In the last few years, we started talking about renting it out and he donated the apartment to me and my sister to handle its remodel and subsequent rental. It just seemed like such a shame to keep this perfectly good apartment empty for no reason since neither he nor we lived in Paris to enjoy it regularly. And when we do visit, I’d rather stay with my kids anyway. Also to be fair, despite its good bones, it wasn’t exactly the homiest spot: very old carpeting everywhere, a pink tiled bathroom (before pink was cool!), and no living room space to speak of…


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