5 Tips to Keep Your Home Secure When You Are Away


1) Do Not Announce On Your Facebook or Blog That You Are Not Going To Be Home

I know that family fun photos are great and we all do it, posting photos of where we are at that moment and time we are away be it may be best to take your photos and upload them when you get back home. Burglars could be people that are stalking your profile on Facebook and waiting for you to go away so they can easily break in your home.

2) Keep Your Tools & Lawn Maintenance Equipment Locked Away in A Shed

A shovel are a rake could be a great tool to break a window or force a door jam also, a ladder is easy access for a thief to attain 2nd floor access windows very easily, so lock everything away.

3) Keep a light on or keep outdoor sensor lights on when you are away

Thieves do not like to work in the light so motion sensor lights are the best as well as putting a light in a timer in the home

4) Invite a neighbor to park their car in your driveway when your away

Cars in driveways make thieves think that someone is in the home, if you have a second car leave it at home and park it in the driveway not the garage, or ask a neighbor to park in your driveway when you are away.

5) Have the post office hold all your mail & stop newspaper delivery

A sure sign of someone being away is an overstuffed mail box and newspapers sitting on the front step, stop delivery for a week or for however long your away.

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