Empty Nesters: Best to Remodel or Time to Sell?

Your children have finally moved out and you and your spouse now live alone in a four-bedroom colonial (or a similar type of house). You have two choices to make: Remodel your house to fit your current lifestyle and needs Sell your house and purchase the perfect home Based on the record of dollars spent on remodeling and renovations, it appears that many homeowners are deciding on number one. But, is that the best long-term solution? If you currently live in a 3-4-bedroom home, you probably bought it at a time when your children were the major consideration in determining Read More

Check Out These Floor Plans From Your Favorite TV Businesses

(Image credit: Bizdaq) If you’ve ever sat there, watching one of your favorite shows, and thought to yourself that hey, you might just know the layout of that house or that business nearly as well as your own, then you’re going to love these floor plans. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

Houston Mattress Store Is An Official Shelter Location for Harvey Evacuees

When bad things happen, Mr. Rogers said it best: “Look for the helpers.” The Mattress King of Houston is one such individual, as he’s opened his showrooms to Harvey evacuees. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

The 5/15 Rule Will Keep You Healthier at Work

(Image credit: Jacqueline Marque) We’ve all read the studies—sitting all day, especially when combined with minimal exercise, can take a serious toll on your health. According to HuffPost, for example, long periods of sitting have been linked to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and anxiety. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

The 10 Most Beautifully Organized Drawers on the Internet — Kitchn

(Image credit: IKEA) From Kitchn → The 10 Most Organized Drawers on the Internet READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

The Mega List of Labor Day Sales

Labor Day is coming up, and in between grilling and chilling on this unofficial last weekend of summer, there are lots of ways to save some cash. Retailers are marking down everything to make room for a new season (and new merch). Here’s our list of the biggest and best sales happening during Labor Day 2017. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

Number of Buyers Putting Down Less Than 10% Hits 7-Year High

According to Black Knight Financial Service’s Mortgage Monitor Report, 1.5 million Americans have purchased a home with down payments under than 10% over the last 12 months. This is great news for buyers as this marks a 7-year high. Many mortgage programs offered by agencies like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae allow buyers to put down as low as 3% to purchase their dream homes. The strength of the housing market has aided buyers who used low-down-payment programs to buy. As a recent CNBC article points out, “Defaults on recent low down payment loans, so far, are slow, but that Read More

Starbucks Is Closing Their Online Store — Here's What's On Sale

Coffee lovers, here’s a bargain for you: Starbucks is closing their online store as of October 1 and liquidating what’s left in it. So while you’ll no longer be able to order an insulated mug or a pour over coffee maker from them online after next month, you can snag those very things and more right now, for a sweet discount of up to 50 percent. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

A Classic, Light-Filled Minneapolis Apartment for One — House Tour

Name: Sarah SchwieLocation: South Minneapolis, MinnesotaSize: 750 square feetYears lived in: 2 years, renting Though Sarah has lived in her south Minneapolis rental for two years, she’s taken her time to fill the space. Just the perfect size for her and her cat — and filled with lots of natural light — it has plenty of whimsical vintage features to keep you peering around the corners the entire time you’re there. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico

After Three Years, Plenty of Work (and Wine) a Historic Home is Reborn — House Call

Name: Justine, her husband Ian and their bulldog, Miss Waffles Location: Edmonton, Alberta — Canada The basics: 3 years, owned — 1,950 square feet Justine and her husband jumped at the opportunity to breath life back into this historic home, affectionately known as The Madame. It took three labor heavy years, but they wanted to do the renovation right, preserving as much of the charm and history of the home as they could. READ MORE » Powered by WPeMatico