This Man Bought A House At An Auction, And You Won’t Believe What He Found Inside.

There are some risks that come with buying a house sight unseen. Probably the least likely of those risks is finding a dead body inside the house once you get there. Yet that’s exactly what happened to one Florida man. In early November, William Wilson bought a foreclosed home at a real estate auction for $96,000. When he arrived to check out the house, he got the shock of a life time when he found a dead, decaying body on the floor of the master bedroom. This is the house where Wilson found the body. The house had several years Read More

Not Only Is This A Luxury Dream House, It’s Also Full Of Something Awesome.

Looking to buy a Luxury Dream House in New Jersey This multi-million dollar Luxury Dream House isn’t just a multi-million dollar mansion; it’s an automobile showroom, too. You technically don’t have to be a car lover to want to live in this dream home, but it sure would help. The only way a car enthusiast could love this house more is if it had wheels. Then again, if you have any money leftover after purchasing it, you could probably arrange for such a thing (for an additional couple million, of course). Take a look at this car lover’s dream home, Read More