Look Out! ZMOT Rages Through Wyckoff Real Estate Market!

The “ZMOT” in question isn’t some 3-D cinematic monster that boils up from the sea to trample downtown Tokyo (though ZMOT and Godzilla do have a few similarities). “ZMOT” is what Google has decided is now happening to the real estate market –our Wyckoff real estate market definitely included! The concept headlines this year’s joint Google-National Association of RealtorsÒ study of the current real estate market. It’s focused on how digital media usage is affecting home shoppers. They find that ZMOT is trampling everything in sight. ZMOT stands for “Zero Moment of Truth” — the long-anticipated point in time when Read More

Your Social Media Can Boost Wyckoff Property Search Visibility

By now, social media are an integral part of many peoples’ daily routine. If you are selling your home in Wyckoff this summer, you can decide to add your own social media clout to add further momentum to the professional campaign. Your agent already has a great website to attract anyone conducting a Wyckoff property search. Now many sellers are using their own social media network to link to it. No one wants to be spammed by a friend’s marketing on Facebook, but a few posts about your home-selling adventures can be interesting. When your home is first listed, announce Read More

One-Liners To Make Selling Your Home in Wyckoff Happen

If you’re thinking of selling your home in Wyckoff this summer, you’re likely to have already considered different approaches to making it stand out from other properties. Will you repaint in the entryway? Stage the living spaces? Should you upgrade the appliances — or leave them as is to keep the asking price as low as possible? Those are all pivotal decisions, and I would be delighted to offer advice on how each is likely to affect the sales effort. But there is also a less prominent element you may not have considered: the impact the text of your advertising Read More

Fannie Mae Study Yields Clues to Odds of Bergen County NJ Foreclosure

Area investors have dozens of possibilities vying for their business at all times. Bergen County real estate investment opportunities come in a variety of forms: raw land, single-family residences, and multifamily rental housing in many forms, from duplexes to apartment buildings. Investors compare the various offerings according to the likelihood of return on their investment vs. downside risk. Foreclosure represents the ultimate risk — so no matter how unlikely it might be, canny investors study the histories of real estate investments that have stumbled. Whether Bergen County foreclosure statistics or national trends provide the data, projecting the likelihood of such Read More

Digging for Hidden Treasure: ‘Invisible’ Tenafly Home Listings

The actual percentage is nearly impossible to pin down, but something like 15%-20% of the nation’s homes for sale aren’t listed at all. You might assume that every homeowner with a property for sale would relish the effective marketing that comes through the multiple listing service, but there are at least four ways home listings in Tenaflysometimes don’t include everything that really is for sale: Pocket Listing: Occasionally agents choose to withhold Tenafly home listings from the open market. Reasons vary, but they might wish to keep a choice property for their own brokerage’s clients, or they might seek to Read More