Jun 13

Greenwood Lake Home For Sale w/ Boat Dock

Greenwood Lake Home For SaleGreenwood Lake Home For Sale

Jun 13

Beating the Rise in Demand for Wyckoff Luxury Homes

Luxury homes in Wyckoff

Like most other parts of the real estate market, luxury homes in Wyckoff are expected to show a rise in demand going forward. Certain luxury homes have inherently superior marketability: luxury homes that both make a ‘statement’ and are priced competitively within their category are the most likely to attract competition between buyers. If you are among those looking for your perfect luxury home in the Wyckoff area, you could face that kind of competition this summer. Here are three stalwart factors shown to help beat the crowd:

  1. Money Talks

Have your finances ready before you start your home search. If you’re a cash buyer, prepare the qualifying documentation. If needed, get your current home sold, or secure an appropriate mortgage commitment before making your offer. Whether your offer is the highest or not, being able to verify that you have the ability to close on the deal can be a powerful persuader.  At the price point where multi-million dollar lending can be a stumbling block, a verified offer automatically becomes a most attractive feature.

  1. Align Yourself with a Connected Buyers’ Agent

Buyers’ agents who specialize in Wyckoff’s luxury homes can sometimes make a decisive difference. Being better connected to gain access to off-market or exclusive listings, the right agent may be able to alert you to emerging properties before they hit the broader market. Important because —

  1. Moving Fast Can Seal the Deal

If you are ready to buy and know what you are looking for, as soon as you find the right property, be mentally prepared to make your offer. Every moment you dawdle invites a multiple-offer situation — and though you may still get the house, you can also end up paying more than you should have. Sometimes it just depends on how quickly you are prepared to move.

Luxury homes in Wyckoff can sell more quickly than many of today’s buyers expect. Especially in a changing market, it’s important to have the most adept representation possible. Contact me today if you’d like to discuss this summer’s offerings of luxury homes in town.

Jun 13

Wyckoff Open House Planning Should Include Safety

A Wyckoff open house is a great sales tool when your home is on the market, but it also exposes your property to total strangers. As agents, my colleagues and I are trained to red flag suspicious activities, but during an open house, multiple parties will be coming and going at the same time. Choosing to take proactive steps is good practice for keeping your home safe during your open house in Wyckoff.

For openers, it’s a good idea to let neighbors know about the event. Since you are likely to be gone, let them know who your agent is and the open house schedule. Particularly after it ends, in case you aren’t back immediately, ask if they will keep an eye and ear open for anything out of the ordinary.

Keep pets secured – a dog should never be left on the property during an open house, and cats (especially if they are indoor-only) should be secured in an escape-proof area or kitty crate.

Remove and secure small and breakable items around the house, as well as things prospective buyers might step on, break, or trip over. Remember to ‘child-proof’ by removing items a prospect’s child might be tempted to ingest.

Of course, put away the valuables. The exposure your property will receive during an open house in town is invaluable, but removing temptation (including prescription medications) will make it much more likely that results are 100% positive.

After your return, be sure to double-check the entire property to be ensure the doors, gates, and windows are properly locked. Thieves have been known to use open houses to scout for valuables and points of entry. The valuables were already removed; now, foiling the easy entrance will thwart that possibility.

An open house in Wykcoff is a powerful marketing tool in any agent’s toolbox. We are already safety-conscious — and by taking these few extra steps, you can help ensure the event comes off without a hitch. I’m here to help clients succeed in all departments – call me today if you’d like to discuss a marketing plan for your home this summer!

Jun 13

Buying a Home in Wyckoff Brings Final Walk-Through

After weeks of dealing with inspections, appraisals, repairs, and the sheaf of paperwork created by your mortgage company, The Final Walk-Through should come as a welcome relief to those buying a home in Wyckoff this summer. Despite its ominous name, that final walk-through is anything but — it provides a last layer of protection for the new homebuyers.

Typically occurring in the final 24 hours before the scheduled close of escrow, this is no mere formality. It’s your ultimate opportunity to inspect the home and ensure that it is in the same condition as when you agreed to purchase it. It is also your chance to make sure that the seller has completed any agreed-upon repairs, and to see that the home is being turned over in “broom clean” condition.

As the formalities of buying a home in Wyckoff conclude, it is easy to see how the excitement and relief of finally closing the deal can distract from the serious business at the very end. Nonetheless, it is definitely to your advantage to be methodical during that walk-through:

  1. Bring along a camera (one you’ve used recently) so you can easily document any issues should they arise.
  2. Make sure the seller left all of the owner’s manuals for appliances and home systems (air-conditioning, heating, fireplace units, alarm systems, etc.), as well as permits, warranties and receipts. Also easy to overlook: remote control devices for garage doors, ceiling fans, and alarms.
  3. Before you leave the house, remember to double-check that everything has been shut down properly. Did you turn off the irrigation system; HVAC system; and driveway, pool and spa heaters? You don’t want to come home to your new house only to find a flooded basement!

Although nobody wants to prolong a closing, your agent should be there to help protect your interests. If repair or other important issue come up, you can request compensation at closing. If you’re thinking of buying a home in Wyckoff this summer, I’m standing by — call me anytime!

Jun 13

Wyckoff Real Estate Watchers Cheer National Pace Quickens

When it comes to our Wyckoffs residential real estate outlook, some truisms say it all: “Strike while the iron is hot!” “The early bird gets the worm!” “Time and tide waits for no man…”Sometimes those hoary old clichés have survived because their wisdom doesn’t ever change —and right now, some hard facts and figures may make these more relevant than usual.

Wyckoff real estate watchers, buoyed by last Tuesday’s stock market jump (a reaction to the bullish real estate statistics), were also digesting The National Association of Realtors®’ latestreport: it carried more cheerful news about the expanding market for existing-home sales. Final numbers for April showed sales moving at the highest pace since November of 2009, which was a single month that spiked due to the home buyer tax credit. It also marked the 22nd consecutive month of year-over-year monthly price rises.
What is the “even better” news for potential area real estate sellers? It’s about the relationship between available inventory and the pace of sales. The listed inventory across the nation is actually 13% lower than a year ago — which translates into a median time on market of just 46 days. A year ago, that figure was 62 days. In other words, across the nation, sales of existing homes are moving a full 45% faster!

Saerch For A Newa Home in Wyckoff
NAR President Gary Thomas had some words for real estate buyers that potential sellers will be pleased to hear. “With homes selling in half the time it took to sell a year ago, buyers must be both decisive and prudent.” Local home sellers should love that word ‘decisive.’ It hints at the underlying condition of a market that’s becoming more competitive for buyers — buyers additionally empowered by April’s fall in conventional mortgage rates. For both local real estate buyers and sellers, now looks like
time to “strike while the [market]’s hot”! In case you have been one of those trend watcher, I’m standing by.

Why not give me a call to discuss how you can take advantage of today’s outlook?