Builder Optimism Could Impact Wyckoff New Homes Supply

Wyckoff homeowners don’t have to be planning to sell anytime soon to be curious about the market value of their property. A home is such a major part of any family’s financial picture, it’s only natural. One important indicator of the direction of Wyckoff home values is how the builders of new homes gauge the future market. After all, if you build new homes for a living, your bottom line is largely dependent on being able to predict future demand. That is why this month’s rise in U.S. home-builder confidence in the market for single family new homes is a Read More

5 Tips to Keep Your Home Secure When You Are Away

1) Do Not Announce On Your Facebook or Blog That You Are Not Going To Be Home I know that family fun photos are great and we all do it, posting photos of where we are at that moment and time we are away be it may be best to take your photos and upload them when you get back home. Burglars could be people that are stalking your profile on Facebook and waiting for you to go away so they can easily break in your home. 2) Keep Your Tools & Lawn Maintenance Equipment Locked Away in A Shed Read More

Spring into Summer: Bergen County Housing Prices Heat Up

Spring into Summer: Bergen County Housing Prices Heat Up When I update Wyckoff readers about the latest news in housing prices, it’s usually not as ‘latest’ as I’d like. The reason is that there is a delay in most of the truly reliable indexes that measure housing prices. The big indexes are national (Wyckoff housing prices are another matter), and they have a built-in two-month delay. We can look at trends and directions, but if there is a change afoot, we won’t be sure of that for about 60 days. Last week, The Wall Street Journal found a way to Read More

Bergen County Luxury Home Listings & Springtime Romance

Bergen County Luxury Home Listings & Springtime Romance Ah, spring is truly in the air…the traditional time when people can fall in love at first sight! I’ll try not to dampen those springtime spirits too much, but for anyone currently looking into the Bergen County luxury home listings, some advice may be in order: Online love at first sight is a really bad idea. Those Bergen County luxury home listings can indeed be truly alluring, and using your computer (or iPad, or smartphone) to winnow through the current crop of terrific area luxury home listings is a supremely practical approach. Read More